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What are the digital diary Apps' advantages?

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Our advantages

Why be innovative?

Use Mobile Technology

Make the difference in communication and safety: Use mobile technology in your School and Activities Centre!
We will remove all paper from the School´s communications. Parents, students, teachers and the environment will thanks us.

Exclusivity for your School and Custom Development

We develop your own App and Web! You can customize the platform with your corporate image and the technical exclusive needs of your school.

New functionalities

We implement new functionalities based on the schools, kindergartens, centres, students and parents' needs. For example: Video, Web Cam, IOT... Childcare On does not have an expiration date.


Use a secure and real-time communication between the parents, the students and the teachers from anywhere at any time.

Design in Childcare On

The platforms are designed and programmed according to the different options indicated by the teachers and educators for their easy and fast usage in class.

No Publicity

Advertising is prohibited in our Apps, you will not suffer with uncomfortable advertisements or spaces cut by publicity.

Childcare On Team

The Childcare On team will help the School and Centre to use the platform and to optimize its time: You will never waste your time with the information and communications management!

Technical Support in 24h maximum

Our Technical Support is committed to reply to the school, the kindergarten and the parents any doubt or request they have in less than 24 hours. Lose the fear of using technology in the class! All users can contact Support directly from the App.

Value Added

Our mobile Apps, specially designed for a quality monitoring of children and teenagers and for an effective school management, will be an added value for the kindergarten, elementary school, extracurricular activities centre and camps.


Do you feel, do you think you are or are you living a problem regarding to Bullying in your School? Tell the parents, teachers and psychologists in your school, by sending a message from the App, without leaving a trace in your mobile!


The Apps are available in English, Spanish and Catalan. More languages coming soon. The App detects the mobile system language and the framework is seen in the detected language.

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