Our collaborators

For developing our apps based on digital diary for Kindergartens, digital diary for Elementary School, digital diary for Afterschool Activities and digital diary for Camps and Children´s outdoor activities, we rely on high quality collaborators in some different professional fields which ensure our Apps' advantages.

Google for Education Certified Trainer

Alejandro Prieto

Google for Education Certified Trainer

Google for Education Certified Trainer Alejandro Prieto Google for Education Certified Trainer

Alejandro is the Certified Trainer of Google for Education at Childcare On. Google for Education services:

  • Google Classroom.
  • G Suite: Gmail, Drive, Hangouts...
  • Google Cloud Platform.

How it helps a Google certificate trainer?

  • Setting and implement services.
  • Training of teaching staff.
  • Accompaniment.
  • Certification of teachers.


Management and protection of Android devices.

Thanks to the collaboration between SecureKids and Childcare On, you will get a 20% discount when accessing from this page.

SecureKids is a parental control service for Android devices, in which parents and schools can manage and monitor the devices of minors in a simple, clear and intuitive way. Thus, children can have the necessary technology to develop socially in today's world, without it being harmful to them. Meanwhile, families and schools can relax , knowing that the devices are going to be used correctly.

Enjoy a 100% secure digital environment with our services!

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Barcelona Activa

Entrepeneur women´s School

Business creation program:

The Escola de dones emprenedores has more than 20 years of expeience helping women entrepeneurs with counseling, business training and networking, to ensure the viability and innovation of the enterprise project and to promote the presence of women in the business world of the city of Barcelona.

It is a program with a highly innovative methodology, where the training is given by a qualified teacher and evaluated by the students themselves.

Actúa UPM

Actúa UPM

Programa de Emprendimiento de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

actúaupm is the Entrepreneurship Program of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, and is integrated within the Technological Innovation Support Center (CAIT-UPM), together with the Innovation and Commercialization of UPM_innovatech Technologies Program.

The most important activity of the program is the Business Creation Competition, which takes its name (Acupuncture Competition) and which this year reaches its 15th edition, with participation figures that do not stop increasing, involving more than 1,000 people each year .

Edutech Clúster

Companies Cluster in the Education Sector

A cluster is a geographically concentrated group of companies, institutions and universities with a shared interest in a specific, strategic, economic sector. These “associations” generate collaborations that allow members to approach all joint ventures, from distribution and sector promotion activities to R&D+i projects or by creating shared capacities.