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Choose when you can be available for communication with families in real time

We are with you throughout the adaptation process, and afterwards too!

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The daily information you need for your children.

Childcare On is an innovative collection of mobile Apps and Webs for a secure and real-time communication between the parents, pupils, educators, teachers and the principals in Kindergartens, Nursery Schools, Primary Schools, After school Activities Centers and Summer Camps.

Its safety, agile, easy and quick communication system helps you to optimize your children´s care and education tracking, reporting the most important information to you all the time, the everyday personalized education and growth.

The security and confidentiality are absolutely important; all the information in our Apps and webs for Schools and Educational Centers is encrypted and protected every moment. Childcare On complies with the RGPD and the LOPD.

Paper diary is the past, Childcare On is the present and your children are the future

Our Apps allow us to know what is happening in the school. With the teacher´s help you will not forget any stage of your children´s growth. With the parents' collaboration, the educators will find it easier to follow a personal and high quality education for the children.

Childcare On is an expert in the information needed for the babies and children's care from 0 to 16 years old! Always close although you are so far away

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